Newsletter Edition: June 1st week

Key updates from the week that went by

  • Jibin and I have started working on the mobile interface/member directory for WEQ. We have already seen screenshots from the testing and it looks good.
  • The Open house last week with Ritu Srivastava(Founder, Obino) got rescheduled.

Insights and updates

1. The WEQ Mask Donation drive webinar for the larger WEQ audience happened on Friday(Screenshot attached).
Context : Saral designs is a startup from the WEQ network that provides access to high quality and affordable menstrual hygiene products using patented machine technology. In the aftermath of Covid 19, Suhani(Founder, Saral Designs) has started producing masks with the same technology. On 20th March, Anand Mahindra gave Saral Designs the space and tools for the fabrication of the masks. Suhani and other WEQ founders Roli(ex co-founder, Oorjan) and Pallavi(Co-Founder, Espresso Labs) have joined hands for a mask donation drive. They have raised 40 lakh rupees in grants from Marico Innovation foundation and 5.1 lakh rupees from their Milaap fundraiser.

2. To help migrant workers in crisis, Meenakshi Gupta Jain(Founder,Helper4U) is building a database of providers of food, shelter and jobs. According to Meenakshi, on one hand, there are many good samaritans providing food, shelter and jobs, but on the other, the people in need are not aware of where, what and when help is available. To bridge this information gap, Helper4U is taking the initiative of building this list, which the needy can access free of charge through a helpline.

Mayukhini(ex co-founder, Greenopia) has a good design eye and can help us with reviewing the web/mobile interface of WEQ network as well as extend her design expertise to the larger WEQ network.


  • Madhulika Mukherjee(Co-founder, Delightree) is looking to hire a front end engineer(React Native).  Any references to good talent or a good recruiter would help immensely.
  • A couple of Kausambi's(Founder, gen-z pals (including 1 girl founder) have launched an app on product hunt. It's called ModeMagic and it's for stickerizing ecommerce catalogs to create urgency, social proof, trust - so that gen-z's like them can find stuff they need easily while browsing through small stores from Instagram to Shopify. It is their little effort to help businesses move online.She has sincerely requested us to upvote.