Newsletter Edition : June 4th week


  1. We have changed the name of our publication to Fifth Estate and moved to a new subdomain -
  2. Last week's open house happened on cadence last Saturday. Jugul Thachery (Founder, Ruby Seven Studios) shared his exit story (acquired by Delaware North) to the group followed by a Q&A session and open catch ups. Look forward to seeing you all this Saturday as well. We will continue to host open House sessions every Saturday at 430PM. Requesting your help with speaker suggestions (Founders with exit) for our open house sessions.

#KS (Knowledge Series)

  • We hosted Joseph (Founder, Carepact), Amarnath (Founder, CAT) & Ritu (Founder, Obino) last week for the Knowledge Series.
  • Publication links with blogs (key takeaway/ summary) & video links for:
  1. Joseph (Founder, Carepact)
  2. Amarnath (Founder, CAT)
  3. Ritu (Founder, Obino)
  • We’d still love to hear your recommendations on founders to bring to the series.
  • Upcoming lineup for this week: Bhavjot Kaur(Founder, Clinikk), Narayan Babu (Founder, Dexetra)& Nivas Ravichandran (Startup Partnerships & Growth at Freshworks)

Updated KS Playlist |  Podcast  |  Publication


  • Amarnath (CAT Entertainments) is looking to hire an Enterprise Sales Manager with 3 years minimum experience in high ticket sales.
  • Joseph (Carepact)  is looking to connect with hospital groups, retail pharmacy chains and super stockists in the health care sector.
  • Saleeh (Appmaker) is hiring for Marketing, Customer Success roles & Ops roles.
  • EyeROV is hiring a National Sales Manager. Details here.
  • Saneem (Desh Keyboards) - They are looking for partnerships around transliteration/ vernacular text to speech in the B2B space.
  • Aslam ( - They are looking for partners in health care and education who could use conversational chatbots in their vertical.

Until next week!