Newsletter Edition : June 2nd week


  • Entri has partnered with FilterCopy in their new episode on "How The Lockdown Changed My Life". Link to the video if you are yet to watch. Loved the video, kudos Hisam & team :)
  • Arya has started a new Woocommerce store for her Mirror Planner has clocked 11k in revenue in a single day. Sharing the link to her shop should you wish to take a look:
  • Podcast : Our I2E podcast is up with 3 episodes from our KS. Check it out here:

#KS (Knowledge Series)

Last week:

  • We hosted Saneem (Desh Keyboards), Joby (Freshersworld) & Aslam ( last week for the Knowledge Series.
  • Publication links with blogs (key takeaway/ summary) & video links for:
Aslam (Co-Founder,
Joby (Founder, Freshersworld)
Saneem (Founder, Desh Keyboards)

Upcoming lineup for this week:

Until next week.