Last week we had Saneem, who is the c0-founder at Desh Keyboards ( join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:

  • Saneem graduated from NIT (Calicut) where he found his founders as well and they started by creating Manglish Keyboard to type Malayalam easily on Android Phone.
  • Manglish Keyboard  started as a side/ hobby project. The real use case they started working on was Elegant Surveys - Offline feedback collection mechanism.
  • Their current focus is on Keyboard apps, where they have several apps on the store - focusing on transliteration.
Desh Keyboards
  • They started monetising Keyboard apps around sept 2017. From there for about 2 years, they had a split focus on keyboard apps and elegant surveys.
  • They are a 9 member team with 4 co-founders.
  • They have 10 million active users with around 30 million total users.
  • Partnerships: They are looking for partnerships around transliteration/ vernacular text to speech in the B2B space.
  • Company Saneem wish he founded : Stripe
  • Favourite Book/ Author: Walter Isaacson

Sharing the full video below:

We've introduced I2E Podcast, you can listen to the conversation here :