Last week we had Rakesh, who is the founder at join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:


  • Rakesh is a CET alum (2005 batch)
  • from 2010 - 2012 he was in the US and came back to India & joined Goldman Sachs.
  • In 2015 he left Goldman to venture out in fitness space (fitness centre discovery) but did not work out and eventually left.
  • Later he joined MyGate and headed the product there.
  • He found his co-founders at Zelish while working at MyGate


  • At Zelish, Rakesh is building a smart kitchen application which helps people outsource their activities around kitchen including meal planning, buying grocery etc.
  • They completed 1 year at Zelish last month.
  • They've been a part of the Techstars accelerator.
  • They've had a positive impact post covid.
  • Initial plan was to be only in Banglore, but when covid hit, delivery became an issue and used this as an opportunity to make their recommendation part stronger and launched in other cities. (Their delivery service is available only in Banglore at the moment).
  • They are 12 members strong now.
  • From Rakesh's point of view the efficiency or productivity has increased while working remote.
"Our efficiency has gone up much more,  what we otherwise delivered in two week sprints, we would deliver in a week or 6 days"  - Rakesh
  • Rakesh is looking for partners in the recipe market (existing recipe aggregators or apps) and grocery delivery market (to build on top of an existing delivery player).

Sharing the full video below: