This week we had Joseph, (Founder, Carepact) join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:

  • Graduated from Thrissur Engineering college. He started his career with Cognizant on the technology side.
  • He has always been interested in supply chain management and because of that moved to Kuwait to work with a firm on this. Worked there for 2 years. During which he got admitted to University of Michigan and did his masters in supply chain management.
  • He found his first co-founder though LinkedIn search (while searching  for a data scientist) who happened to be his batch mate in college.
  • They started carepact with a Hospital focus which turned out to be a loss of time and effort and after which they shifted the focus to retail market. By this time (6 months period) the product had also reached a certain maturity.
  • Jospeh is looking for connects with hospital groups, retail pharmacy chains and super stockist in health care. Carepact could potentially increase the profitability  upto 30% and reduce operational cost says Joseph.
  • One company he wish he co-founded/ invested : Alibaba
  • Favourite book: Catch 22

Sharing the full video below:

We've introduced I2E Podcast, you can listen to the conversation here :