Last week we had Gloria, who is the founder at Guardians of Dreams join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:


  • Gloria runs Guardians of Dreams (Non-profit) . They mission is to increase the quality of care across shelter homes and orphanages.
  • Gloria has been in the space for about 13 years now.
  • She comes from a middle-class Kerala family from Kochi. Spent most of  her teenage life in Saudi Arabia.
  • Came to India for higher studies. She got exposed to this space when she spent time with Children in shelter homes while in College.
  • Started her first organisation - MAD (Make a Difference) with her friends while in college which started as a 20 member volunteer team and grew to one of the country's largest volunteer driven network.
  • She quit her Job at Google to start the non-profit.
  • Guardians of Dreams is 5 years old.
  • If someone is interested in supporting the efforts of GOD; there are two ways: by volunteering your time with one of their chapters or through donations.
  • Their Scholastic program is focused on 16-19 year olds.The children receive 25,000 cash award ( top 50 meritorious students in Chennai, Banglore and Kochi) along work career guidance and work readiness.  
  • Gloria's favourite Book : The second sex

Sharing the full video below:

I2E Knowledge Series with Gloria Benny (Founder, Guardians of Dreams)