Last week we had Bastin, who is the founder at Linways join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:


  • Linways was started as a document sharing platform.
  • Bastin & his cofounder worked in the corporate world for 2 years before deciding to startup.
  • When they started (read 2009, 2010), web browsers couldn't convert pdfs and build a product around this using libre office only to realise later that slideshare and scribe has been doing this for while.
  • After multiple iterations, they decided to move from B2C to B2B model where they built the product around use cases from collages (learning management system). Bastin says, the decision to move to B2B was also based on improved cashflow.
  • Their real validation happened when customers came back with good feedback and also their customers helped in sales.  
  • The company was incorporated in 2013 as private limited when they had around 5 customers. Until then they operated as a partnership firm.

Future, Growth & Funding

  • Post covid, the market has shown demand says Bastin; at the same time he believes it still early to predict the growth/ future at this point in time in learning/ learning management space.
  • They are a bootstrapped company. Decided to pursue customer acquisition over funding till date. The reason Bastin points out for this decision is that it took him less time to acquire more customers than pursuing funding.


  • Bastin is looking for partnerships in growing their sales efforts. Specifically looking for partners with good network in education / hospitality.

Sharing the full length video below:  

I2E Knowledge Series with Bastin Thomas (Founder, Linways)