Last week we had Aslam, who is the c0-founder at join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:

  • Aslam is an alum of TKM college of engineering (Computer Science) & worked with redhat as a consultant prior to co-founding
  • Shyjal is Aslam's co-founder at They started working together back in college on hackathon projects.
  • - simple rule based chat bots that can help collect leads and feedback.
  • They launched the product in product hunt to test the waters/ validate.
  • They are super focused on customer success.
  • They are bootstrapped still.
  • They've been a two member team for a long time and their first hire was an engineer from Trivandrum and second hire is a customer success associate from Turkey. One key thing that they look at while hiring is culture fit.
  • Aslam and team are advocates of remote work. He jokingly mentioned that they were remote until March of this year which is when they decide to rent a space in kochi as their office and then covid hit!
  • They have created a new product a virtual assistant for your website.
  • They are looking for partners in health care  and education  who could use conversational chatbots in their vertical.
  • One company that Aslam wish he co-founded : Tesla
  • His favourite book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Sharing the full video below:

We've introduced I2E Podcast, you can listen to the conversation here :

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