This week we had Amarnath, (Founder, CAT) join the conversation at I2E Knowledge Series.

Sharing the summary/ my notes from our conversation:

  • CAT Entertainments is a B2B media production company.
  • Amarnath co-founded CAT with Chachu, who is also the creative head.
  • Their first major break was a commercial they made for Startup Village.
  • Their videos or method are usually remarked as CAT quality which Amar summarises as the fusion of technology , sense of business & creativity.
  • Their marquee clients include: IBM, ITC, ElGi, MAN, Tencent Corporation, Synthite, Milma to name a few.
  • Favourite book: Wings of Fire

Sharing the full video below:

We've introduced I2E Podcast, you can listen to the conversation here :